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Any one of the following stages are applicable for any garden project. A complete garden design project will often follow the path described below.


Initial meeting on site with client forms project brief and fee structure.


Recording the gardens current state and possibilities.

Sketch proposals

Conceptual ideas, sketches and design development.  

Masterplan and detailed design

Final landscape design plan and any further detailed design enabling project costing and construction.


Planting design – as plant lists or detailed plans, plants sourcing, setting out and planting.


Introducing, costing and appointing a contractor who will build, plant and realise the proposals.

Garden construction and project management

Full project management or periodic site visits to inspect works, setting out etc.

Other services

Garden maintenance schedules, garden ornaments and furniture sourcing.  Periodic seasonal visits on request and garden reviews.

Full range of garden services

  • Full garden and landscape design
  • Planting design and planting
  • Garden construction
  • Project management
  • Garden consultations
  • Planning applications and conditions
  • Commissions and sourcing of garden features 

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