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MarcWalti, omega constellation replicaProduct Director - who was also the one leading the charge on the project - andI decided not to call the watch a "Skipper", as it did not have the 5-minute segments in its minute counter that are usually associated with a regatta timer. Also, Iverymuch wanted a simple bi-compax (two-counter format) as Ithought the design would be more Zen-reductionist-cool this way.

Gianni Agnelli was one of the core protagonists of the 1950s jet-set whose lifestyle was determinedly committed to being a playboy -- carousing evenings, fast cars and an endless string of constellation fake He also owned a sprawling mansion in the French Riviera.

Living in the Moment

I don't know of any Rake that has more than a passing curiosity in the date. They prefer to live in the present moment. A watch that could be used to indicate the start of a discreet tryst is a great idea. The modification of the movement took longer than expected. Walti says, "If the movement cannot be modified, you will have a dead area when you pull out the crown for the place where the date adjustment used. This was unacceptable to us both."

Next came the question of what is the prevailing colour. I realized that blue was the most common shade in The Rake, especially during our pioneer year in e-commerce. Everything we sold was made exclusively for us. Savile Row's most famous firm Huntsman was involved in weaving a blue nocturnal-themed tweed at Islay's oldest mill for our 1970s-themed Colin Hammick hacking jacket. Our first shoe collaboration was a Corthay suede Corthay loafer, inspired by Marc Chagall's Blue Lovers painting. While our project with Giuseppe Santoni resulted in a pair blue suede Santoni camouflage double Monkstrapshoes.

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Feeling blue

Blue also conjures up an internal dialogue that I enjoy. It can invoke warmth, coolness and passion all at once. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis is my favourite album. His Blue Period is the source of my favourite Picasso replica watches Blue conjures up images of water on tanned skin, and the soothing sound of water lapping against the dock or pool's edge. We decided that this would be the dominant tonal universe in which we would work. My design team and me quickly identified four shades. Yves Klein Blue for the dial and Ultramarine or Cerulean Blue as the sub-dial. The dial's chosen blue closely matches that of Yves Klein’s 1961 painting Blue Monochrome. Klein described this colour "an open door to freedom as the possibility to be immersed in the infinite existence of colour". Klein's description of the colour "Blue Dreamer", is why it was named that.

Two additional straps are included for an extra touch of panache and sartorial replica The first is a bluetextile NATO strap with jauntywhite stripes. The second is a blue-leather NATO strap with a jauntywhite stripe. It is my personal favorite because it matches the color of the watch's dial. Thestainless-steelcase is39mm in diameter and itispowered by TAGHeuer's Calibre 18,which beats at 28,800 vph andhasa40-hour power reserve. It has a 19mmlug width and a glass box sapphire crystalline that evokes vintage acrylic crystals. It can withstand water up to 100m. This should make it suitable for playing backgammon in any swimming pool. The "Blue Dreamer", will be produced in just 100exempls.


Carrera Chronograph "Bue Dreamer"


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